Katie Mahoney

Katie A. Mahoney


Katie Mahoney is a 2020 University of Wisconsin Law School graduate and OG+S’s newest attorney.

Passionate about the arts and education, Katie focused her law school experience on Copyright Law and Public Policy. She previously worked for the Recording Industry Association of America and Ogilvy Government Relations in Washington D.C., and for a State Representative and the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel in Wisconsin. Katie is thrilled to begin her career with OG+S and is eager to meet and work with our amazing clients.

Prior to attending law school, Katie spent a significant amount of time in Central America working in the non-profit sector. She credits her career in law and dedication to best serving our clients to her time abroad. She intends to remain active in the non-profit sector both abroad and locally here in Madison.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys exploring Wisconsin’s many beautiful state parks and natural wonders. She is particularly fond of all things water-related, whether it be traversing whitewater rapids, scuba-diving, or going for a swim or paddle on one of Madison’s many lakes. Snowy, Katie’s loyal companion on all of her adventures, is also eager to join the OG+S team and its rapidly increasing collection of furry friends.


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