Introducing Katie Francey

Katie is our new legal assistant. We are pretty sure that as you interact with Katie, you will realize she fits right in here at OG+S. Below, she gives a taste of what we mean by that (see: cat’s name).

I grew up mostly in Wisconsin and Michigan, I am the youngest of three children, and both of my older brothers went to UW Madison (Go Badgers!).

I am a graduate of Jackson College in Jackson, MI, where I majored in Theater Arts. 

I am a new-ish homeowner. I live in Ypsilanti (pronounced IP-si-lan-tee), Michigan, with my boyfriend, Grason, and our cat, Little Shitten. 

In my spare time, I am an avid reader and movie watcher. I mostly enjoying either horror or ridiculously outlandish “chick” novels/flicks.  I also enjoy crafting, hiking, camping, floating down the Huron River, lifting weights, spending time “Up North”, and occasionally discovering new wineries, craft breweries, and “meaderies” in and around the Ann Arbor area.

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