The Battle of Fort Copyright

An original design of a building can be protected by copyright as long as it is produced in a “tangible medium.”  A tangible medium is something that can be seen and reproduced, including a constructed building or architectural plans, models, or drawings. Protection extends to the overall form as well as the arrangement and composition … Read more

Organization: It’s Not Just for Closets

Last week, we discussed why you would want to be a statutory entity.  The two most common choices are limited liability companies (“LLC”) or corporations – whether that is an S-corp. or a C-corp.  Each are controlled by their very own set of statutes.  Chapter 183 details the rules and defaults for LLC’s while Chapter … Read more

Here There Be Dragons

Congratulations! You have decided to start a business on your own.  That is awesome!  Go forth and conquer; you got this.  But be ready for battle.  As those maps of early explorers pointed out: Here there be dragons.  Suit up accordingly. One of the easiest and arguably most important thing to carry is a shield.  … Read more

Deep Fried Descriptiveness

Fish fry season in full swing here in Wisconsin, but let’s be honest, when isn’t it?  Our love of Friday Night Fish has even inspired websites like Madison Fish Fry to help hungry folk find their next beer battered entrée.  Fish fry products, however, are more than something to stock up for the week’s end.  … Read more

Mark Madness

We now know the brackets for the NCAA tournament.  How people choose their winners can be everything from favorite colors to hours of study.  But two things are always certain during the tournament:  Upset wins and a crackdown on businesses using “March Madness” without permission. Starting right around now, many companies are looking to cash in on … Read more

Magic Words

We have guest blogger this week, Craig Burk.  Craig is a speaker, facilitator, coach, and designer at, and one of the nicest, most engaged people you will ever meet.  If you want to feel better, more informed, and happy walking away from a conversation, have a coffee with Craig.  He is one of those people that … Read more

IP from Sea to Shining Sea

Your ideas may know no boundaries, but the protection of them does.  Intellectual property laws only protect the subject within the boundaries of the entity that created the protection.  There are three types of entities that provide intellectual protection:  States (or provinces), nations and regional intellectual property organizations. Nations each have their own intellectual property … Read more

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