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- Albert Einstein

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Laura M. Kaiser – Financial Assistant
Richard D. Mullings – IP Docket Paralegal
Katie J. Francey –  Legal Assistant
Carter B. Rickard – Administrative Assistant

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Welcome Carter Rickard! (6/28/2022) - This week, we welcome Carter Rickard to OG+S as our Administrative Assistant for the summer! Carter goes to Iowa-Grant High School (Go Panthers!). He plays third base on their baseball team, and last year, as a Freshman, he won gold at state in Forensics. For his gold-medal run, he did Moments in History, and his topic ... Read more
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Summer is Here: Introducing Karen Perez-Wilson (6/7/2022) - It is summer, and that means clerkships! Karen is our summer clerk. She is a double Badger, and with a week under her belt so far, she is proving to be absolutely Badger-ific! Learn more about her below. Karen Perez-Wilson is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a rising 2L at the University ... Read more
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