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Copyright Office Sings a Different Tune (11/29/2022) - Are you a musical artist looking to protect your work? If you’ve ever sought copyright protection of your songs before 2021, you may remember feeling the burn of paying to register each song individually. However, there was news early last year from the Copyright Office which can help ease the financial burden of protecting your ... Read more
LLC Ya Next Year! (11/22/2022) - Earlier this year, the Wisconsin Legislature passed Act 258, which will bring updates to Wisconsin’s LLC Law. These changes are set to take effect on January 1, 2023. At a high level, the major updates include the following: For those out there reading, you might be wondering, “What does this have to do with me?” ... Read more
hurdle Getting Over That Hurdle (Rate) (11/15/2022) - Compensating service providers with equity is a pretty regular occurrence with startups. New companies don’t have a lot of cash (or any) to pay the people they need to run the business (just get a quote on the cost to develop an MVP of your new app if you don’t believe me) and providing equity ... Read more
How trust enhances team performance (11/8/2022) - As you learned from Drew’s post last week, we attended the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Solo and Small Firm Conference.  It is a conference for well, solo and small (fewer than 10 attorneys) firms. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of discussions about teams with other attendees – especially those of us who have a dispersed ... Read more
Three Insights from the 2022 Wisconsin Bar Solo & Small Firm Conference   (11/1/2022) - Every year, many Wisconsin lawyers who work for small firms or practice law solo attend a conference sponsored by the State Bar of Wisconsin which facilitates gatherings, lectures, and conversations about relevant topics and issues. I was excited to be able to attend this year’s Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference to gain insight into ... Read more
Quick (Kwik? Quik?) on the Draw (10/25/2022) - After moving to Wisconsin, I came to appreciate many things about Wisconsin culture, including the near-universal adoration of Kwik Trip. After a few visits to Kwik Trip, I realized that Kwik Trip was something I had experienced long before ever having been to Wisconsin. In my native state of Iowa, Kwik Trip had been present ... Read more
Foreign Entity Registration: What and Why? (10/18/2022) - When advising clients on forming new companies, the question comes up about where to form the company. Should the client form the company in the state where their business is located (Wisconsin most of the time), or somewhere else? When the client elects for “somewhere else,” their entity is considered a “foreign entity.” This means ... Read more
A Diagram for Success (10/11/2022) - One of the most critical steps in applying for your Brewers Notice with the TTB is putting together a diagram that shows your brewing operation and will be (happily) accepted by the TTB Agent assigned to review of your materials. Following, is a short list of the critical elements you need to include in the ... Read more
You May Not Read This Entire Post  (10/4/2022) - Welcome to 2022: everyone is busier than ever, asked to read more emails, messages, memos, articles, books— and yes, blog posts (even this one!)— than ever before. Who has time to read all that?   According to the new book Smart Brevity, from the co-creators of Axios News, the answer is that almost nobody is actually ... Read more
Unraveling Copyright for Patterns (9/27/2022) - Below is an actual question that I have seen on Reddit, received on Facebook, and chosen not to answer on forums. But now is the time to unravel some copyright questions. I found a crochet pattern, and I hate it. I had to re write it in different terms to understand it. How much would ... Read more

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