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- Albert Einstein

Ogden Glazer + Schaefer – your legal team deeply rooted in Wisconsin, but licensed to practice seamlessly in Illinois and Minnesota too. We’re a compact yet powerhouse team, specializing in representing businesses with a sharp focus on startups, intellectual property, and food and beverage regulation.

We’re not about flashy introductions; we’re about delivering dedicated service and making complex legal concepts easy to grasp and understand.

Whether you’re embarking on the exciting journey of launching a new startup or seeking seasoned advice for your ongoing ventures, Ogden Glazer + Schaefer is here to guide you with a laidback yet professional touch.

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Wineries to Relinquish Their Class B Licenses - The renewal deadline for municipal liquor licenses is coming up soon and because of the coming changes to Wis. Stat. Ch. 125 (2 weeks away!) we’ve gotten a lot of questions about what wineries are supposed to do this year with their license renewals – renew, or not renew? Our suggestion is not to renew. ... Read more
Holding the Bag - Lots of provisions are looked at prior to a contract being signed, some at signing, and others not until afterwards when there is a problem. Representations and warranties are ones that can be important at each of these stages. Each of these are used to properly place risk and expense. They do so by showing ... Read more
I’m juggling more tasks than a circus clown on a unicycle! - I’m a little busy. Most of our clients know my name from receiving invoices, but with 20 years of banking experience, I do a lot of complementary financial activity behind the scenes as well. I document passthrough expenses, reconcile our financial activity internally to make it easier for our accountants, and ensure that the attorney’s ... Read more
Celebrating Two Years as an IP Paralegal: A Journey of Change and Growth - I feel gratitude commemorating two enriching years at Ogden Glazer + Schafer (“OG+S”) as a Paralegal in the Intellectual Property practice. As I reflect on this milestone, I am struck by the journey, the career shift and finding myself in an environment that fosters growth, champions values of DEI, continual learning, and collaboration. Influential author ... Read more
American Democracy   - We are excited to share with you a Forensics piece by our high schooler, Carter. P.s. – He’s going to State! Democracy lives in the people, democracy is the people, democracy is our best hope. This is a quote of Vice President Kamala Harris, and I think her words are undeniable. Democracy, an idea entrenched ... Read more
The Corporate Transparency Act is Here. Now It’s in Court? - I truly thought my hiatus from Corporate Transparency Act blog posts was going to run longer than this. However, recent events compelled the original three-part series (see those original parts here, here, and here) to grow into four parts. So, what’s all the hubbub? On March 1, 2024, the U.S. District Court for the Northern ... Read more
Cheers to Change: The New Wis. Stat. 125 – Changes for Wedding Barns & Other Venues - I suppose this blog post could be called “All Good Things Must Come to an End.” As part of our series on the changes to Wis. Stat. 125 under Assembly Bill 304 (“AB304“), today we are focusing on some big changes coming down the pipeline for wedding barns and other wedding venues. Read on for ... Read more
A Question of Price - We help people with contracts that buy and sell their products and their businesses, license their products and their intellectual property, and lots of other things that lead to the question of “What do I charge?” Our first answer tends to be “That’s more of a business question than a legal question.” But that answer doesn’t ... Read more
Bottles Up - As a firm of trademark and alcohol attorneys, it’s always a thrill when those two topics collide, especially on a major stage. We had one of those great moments of serendipity last week. The story begins with Diageo, the company that owns Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, a brand of whiskey that might be familiar to our ... Read more
Cheers to Change: The New Wis. Stat. 125 – Contract Manufacturing - 02/15/24 Update: A previous version of this post mentioned that product produced under a Contract Production agreement (#2 below) could be counted towards a Host’s total production volume for the purposes of Full Service Retail sale privileges under the new statute, that is not the case. Product produced under a contract production agreement\recipe brewing agreement ... Read more

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