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First to Use or First to File? (1/31/2023) - We are a “first to use” jurisdiction for trademarks in the United States. That means, if you are the first to use a trademark in multi-state commerce you have “priority” over those who use the same trademark after you, and are the rightful owner of the mark. However, we also have a trademark filing system ... Read more
Delegation: Where The Rubber Meets The Road (1/24/2023) - We’ve talked about why we should delegate and what and when we should delegate. All of that is great unless we don’t actually do it or do it poorly. So today, we’ll provide some pointers on the how we can delegate successfully.  First, choose the correct person for the correct task. Each team member has ... Read more
Delegation: What do I give, what do I keep? (1/17/2023) - Last week, I talked about why we delegate. Great, now we’re sold! But what do we delegate and when? Not every task can be delegated.  Before simply handing off a task (especially menial ones), consider whether you can eliminate it in the first place completely. If it doesn’t need to be done, then we do ... Read more
Delegation: Why we don’t need to do it all (1/10/2023) - Delegation is important for proper efficiency for any organization. In a series of three posts, I discuss why, when, and how to delegate. First up, why should we delegate tasks? Why? There are two main reasons to delegate: You and Them. A lot of ink is spent on the first, and that is the part ... Read more
The Good Fight with the Good Friends  (1/3/2023) - “That was good, wasn’t it?” This was the question that Republican Senator John McCain asked Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, after having one of their heated debates on the floor of the United States Senate. Two men putting aside their staunch differences because of a friendship. Now over the years, I have noticed that more and ... Read more
Reflections on a Year of Firm Practice  (12/27/2022) - As another year concludes, a bit of reflection can be in order. For me, there is much to reflect on after completing one year of work as a new lawyer at a busy law firm. Amid the end-of-year deal closings, trademark applications, and other adventures in the practice of law, I wanted to close out ... Read more
A Trademark Christmas (12/20/2022) - Christmas and all of its “Christmas magic” is so ingrained in American culture, it can tempting to assume that the holiday is immune from IP considerations. For those who have been reading our blog for a while, you know that this is not the case (shameless plug for my post from last year on a ... Read more
Applying for a License to Grow Hemp in Wisconsin – 2022 Edition! (12/13/2022) - A lot has changed since Wisconsin growers and processors of hemp applied for their first permits from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection under the 2014 Farm Bill. Now, the growing of hemp in our state is managed by the USDA via their local Farm Services Agencies, among many other changes. In this post ... Read more
Top 9 areas of breakdown during changes in leadership (12/6/2022) - Remember the earlier post by Business Excelerated’s Amanda HarNess about the connection between trust and leadership? If not, go back and read it. Beyond lack of trust, there are other areas where leadership breaks down. Amanda gives us questions to consider whenever leadership is changing for an organization. And, unprodded by me, she recommends building ... Read more
Copyright Office Sings a Different Tune (11/29/2022) - Are you a musical artist looking to protect your work? If you’ve ever sought copyright protection of your songs before 2021, you may remember feeling the burn of paying to register each song individually. However, there was news early last year from the Copyright Office which can help ease the financial burden of protecting your ... Read more

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