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"Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler."

- Albert Einstein

Ogden Glazer + Schaefer – your legal team deeply rooted in Wisconsin, but licensed to practice seamlessly in Illinois and Minnesota too. We’re a compact yet powerhouse team, specializing in representing businesses with a sharp focus on startups, intellectual property, and food and beverage regulation.

We’re not about flashy introductions; we’re about delivering dedicated service and making complex legal concepts easy to grasp and understand.

Whether you’re embarking on the exciting journey of launching a new startup or seeking seasoned advice for your ongoing ventures, Ogden Glazer + Schaefer is here to guide you with a laidback yet professional touch.

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Bottles Up - As a firm of trademark and alcohol attorneys, it’s always a thrill when those two topics collide, especially on a major stage. We had one of those great moments of serendipity last week. The story begins with Diageo, the company that owns Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, a brand of whiskey that might be familiar to our ... Read more
Cheers to Change: The New Wis. Stat. 125 – Contract Manufacturing - 02/15/24 Update: A previous version of this post mentioned that product produced under a Contract Production agreement (#2 below) could be counted towards a Host’s total production volume for the purposes of Full Service Retail sale privileges under the new statute, that is not the case. Product produced under a contract production agreement\recipe brewing agreement ... Read more
Fight Against The Flow - This is a personal rant. I’ll admit it right off. This is Erin Ogden’s opinion, and I am oddly overly vehement about it. The topic? Flow state. What?! Yeah. Flow state. Read or listen to any productivity how-to and it will tell you about the magical state of “flow.” You must reach it. It is ... Read more
The Corporate Transparency Act is Here. Now How Do I Report? - part 3 of 3 This post is the third and final part in a series on the Corporate Transparency Act. Feel free to check out Part 1 here  and Part 2 here. The last two posts talked about who the beneficial owners are under the Corporate Transparency Act (Act). This post will focus on the ... Read more
The Corporate Transparency Act is Here. Now What About Ownership Interests? - (part 2 of 3) This post is the second part in a series on the Corporate Transparency Act. Feel free to check out Part 1 here. The last post talked about how a beneficial owner under the Corporate Transparency Act (Act) can be any individual who exercises “substantial control” over the company. This post focuses ... Read more
The Corporate Transparency Act is Here. Now What is Substantial Control? - (part 1 of 3) This series of posts follows Collin’s earlier posts on Corporate Transparency. Thank you, Collin, for paving the way! For that helpful context, please see Collin’s posts here and here. The purpose of this series is to dig a little more into the “nuts and bolts” of who must be reported, the ... Read more
Cheers to Change: The New Wis. Stat. 125 – Full Service Retail - The landscape of Wisconsin’s alcoholic beverage regulations has recently undergone substantial changes with the revision of Wis. Stat. Chapter 125. In this post we will be discussing one of the most substantial changes, specifically, the ability of breweries, wineries, and distilleries to offer beer, wine, and spirits (“full service retail” under the new statute) at ... Read more
As we wrap 2023 and look towards 2024 - We thank you all for reading our (hopefully insightful) blog posts. We plan to continue the mission this next year and we appreciate all the feedback, comments and engagements that we’ve received. We also want to thank our clients, business partners, staff, attorneys and ancillary work teams – we couldn’t do what we do without ... Read more
Holidays 2023 - We hope the rest of your year is as relaxing as Lola’s.See you next year!
State Your Intentions - There are two processes for processing thoughts. One process addresses a lot of our needs. It monitors for threats and opportunities. It is mostly controlled by the amygdala, which means it is a lot of emotion and actions being acted upon unconsciously and automatically. It bypasses the neocortex. The other process lives in the neocortex ... Read more

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