Carter Rickard



In summer 2022, we welcomed Carter Rickard to OG+S as our Administrative Assistant!

Carter goes to Iowa-Grant High School (Go Panthers!). He plays third base on their baseball team, and last year, as a Freshman, he won gold at state in Forensics. For his gold-medal run, he did Moments in History, and his topic was “Women in government during the 1980s.” Our guess is that he spoke very little about the big hair and oversized shoulder pads and more about the big impact they made.

Carter already knows that he is interested in the law and politics (see his Forensics topic). He’s been watching the news, and unlike many, he wants to learn more rather than hide his head under a pillow. As such, he did what any good politician or lawyer would do – he asked his network about opportunities. Erin, as you may know, is an alumni of Iowa-Grant, and so here he is at OG+S!

Carter is doing all the exciting parts of the law like helping proof-read processes, filing documents in our electronic files and organizing stuff. He is also finding out that most of our jokes are on par with high school jokes (yes, we still laugh at poop jokes, OK!?).

Please let us know if you would like to spend time spinning tales of what it is to be in business, politics or the law with Carter, and we’ll get a meeting set up with him! Jeff already got him started with Marx v. Hegel so really, there’s nowhere to go but up.