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Ogden Glazer + Schaefer is a proud affiliate member of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild and the Wisconsin Winery Association

Wisconsin is one of the best places in the world for food and beverage companies. Agriculture is a cornerstone of our economy, and value-added agriculture is central to the continued development of the industry. We believe in sustainable and regenerative agriculture; we believe in sustainable and regenerative businesses. We not only believe in your triple bottom line, but we believe in ours, too.


Wisconsin is synonymous with beer; our clients include numerous breweries, wineries, meaderies, distilleries, and alcohol-producers of all types. Our attorneys are recognized experts in state and federal alcohol regulation (article: A Web of Regulations: Starting a Brewery). We can make sure you get help with your brewery, winery, or spirits permits and licenses and get through your label or recipe approvals. We work regularly with the TTB, DOR, and municipalities to get your product in front of customers.

Producers, Distributors, Retailers
Recipes, Trademarks, Package Design
Label Approval and Guidance
Regulatory Compliance
Federal, State, Local Licensing
Agriculture and Real Estate

Our Food and Beverage Practice

If you are a retailer looking for an on-premise or off-premise beer, wine, or liquor license we can help with that, too.

We even work with distributors to help find and secure their locations and all of the licenses necessary to get product out to market.

We aren’t just beverages though. We help food entrepreneurs of all stripes with services spanning startup packages for putting your team together to asset purchase agreements when you are ready to find your next passion. We have negotiated distribution and wholesale agreements, contract production agreements, alternating proprietorship and custom crush agreements, and any of the numerous other ways you might find yourself doing business. We’ve worked with farm, processing, wholesale, and retail clients on cannabis and related products including CBD and other cannabis derivatives.

Our attorneys know farms. In our agricultural practice we work with your farm to protect your valuable assets and real estate, help you finance your production and growth, and move your value-added production on-site. 

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