We offer numerous fee structures from the simple hourly rate to stable flat-fee services to outsourced General Counsel services.

Flat Fee

Corporate and Entrepreneurial Services

WI or DE C-Corp Incorporation Package: $3,000
WI LLC Package – Multi Member: $1,500
WI LLC Package – Single Member – $800 flat fee

  • Articles of Organization
  • Obtain EIN
  • Sales Permit
  • Operating Agreement

Registered Agent Services: $200/yr.
OG+S attorney listed as Registered Agent: $75/yr.
Beer and Liquor License – Madison, WI (Combination Class B): $3,500
– Live Entertainment Add-on: $500
– Note: The Reserve Fee for a Combination Class B License in Madison, WI is currently $10,000 due on issuance

Intellectual Property

Preliminary Trademark Screening (U.S. only): $250 per mark (We suggest you have us search no more than 5 marks)
Trademark Application (U.S.): $1,000 + Filing Fees (Up to three classes; does not include objections, which are billed hourly)
Trademark Renewal (U.S.):  $250 + filing fee
Copyright Application (U.S.):  $250 + filing fee (does not include objections, which are billed hourly)

Outsourced General Counsel

On-Call (up to 20 hrs per month): $3,000/mo.
IP Audit (up to 5 hours): Free!

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates range from $200 per hour to $350 per hour depending on practice area and attorney.

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