Erin R. Ogden

Erin R. Ogden

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Erin Ogden is a trademark and copyright nerd who loves helping businesses grow. Whether helping clients directly or working with other attorneys to help their clients, she helps identify, protect, and monetize intellectual property while looking at the business holistically. Erin helps clients strategically create, grow, and when needed merge, acquire or be acquired.

Erin is always in high demand to assist clients to “talk shop” about their business. She enjoys helping companies to identify and protect their intellectual property with trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets for her clients. If necessary, Erin is also helps figure out options available when it comes to disputes starting with cease and desist letters all the way up to preparing for litigation. Erin is also a bit of a nerd when it comes to contract drafting to fit the firm’s goal to “keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler” (Thanks, Einstein!). In addition, Erin will happily help businesses with their website’s terms and conditions and policies.

Erin often works with companies to license their intellectual property and technology. She creates, negotiates and advises on software licenses both for the software company and the companies needing the software. She has helped start-up companies create their first licenses, re-vamped existing licensing protocols, and helped established companies take their first steps into licensing.

Finally, Erin works with companies to buy and sell businesses through asset purchases, stock purchases, membership purchases and mergers. Drop her a line or connect on social media.  We’ll nerd out together! 

When not hard at work for her clients, Erin is an ex-farm girl who still can be found on the family farm on weekends. Relaxation comes in the form of discovering new state parks, hiking trails, and canoe rides – usually with a book in her pack. Her favorite type of book is “good” and “immersive.”

In addition to her favorite pastimes, Erin is passionate about civic duty and serves on the Boards of Directors for the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Inc.; and is an active member of the Wisconsin Bar Association and American Intellectual Property Law Association (Corporate Committee Liaison Chair).  She is an alumna of University of Wisconsin – Madison (B.S. Genetics, M.S. Dairy Science) and Chicago-Kent College of Law – Illinois Institute of Technology.