Sherri S. Schaaf

Sherri S. Schaaf

Sherri Schaaf joined OgdenGlazer in November 2017 as their first employee. Sherri proudly serves as OgdenGlazer’s Paralegal and Client Support Coordinator.

In 2001, Sherri graduated with honors earning her Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Madison College and attending the Advanced Standings Police Academy. In addition to being chosen as the student commencement ceremony speaker, she also received special recognition and a Special Service Award for superior service to the school and its students. She has worked in the legal field for more than 15 years.

In her role as Paralegal, Sherri provides support with business and transactional matters, including incorporation of new companies, maintaining corporate records, and more complex corporate matters. Sherri also assists with the day-to-day tasks involved with our copyright and trademark, licensing, brewery and software work.

As the Client Support Coordinator, Sherri processes client intake, including file creation; collection of client information; data entry; intake documentation and reaching out to the clients to let them know that she is happy to help them. Sherri also helps us and our clients stay organized and “in the know” when it comes to their files.

When Sherri isn’t busy keeping us organized and helping our clients, she enjoys traveling (Door County is one of her favorites); checking out new restaurants, taverns, wineries/breweries; listening to local bands; traveling to various concert venues and festivals; crafting and refurbishing/flipping furniture; bonfires in her back yard with a good drink in hand and surrounded by friends; gardening; volunteering; entertaining friends and family; cooking for her family and trying out new recipes; but most of all, Sherri enjoys spending time doing just about anything with her husband, Brian, and their baby, Ellie, who was born in April 2017.

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