Can We Expedite This? – Asking the TTB to Process Quicker

I’ve never had a client say to me, “Oh Collin, we have plenty of time to get our Brewers Notice, no reason to rush!” Ha! Everyone is rushing all the time – they want to start making beer now! So…two quick points to make in this short post:

What is the standard time for the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to process a new application?

If you have to submit a permit to the TTB for the purpose of opening your new Brewery, Winery, or Distillery, how long will it take for the TTB to look at your application? Easy answer, the government publishes the current processing times here:

But…what if I need the TTB to go faster?

Oh! Aren’t you special!

Asking nicely works, sometimes. The TTB does have a way for you to request that your new application be expedited. If you explain the reason why you need them to process quicker (i.e. a reasonable business purpose is usually good enough) and contact them via the online contact forum on the website…usually, your request to “expedite” will be honored.

I’ll say this for the TTB. While other areas of the government have slowed to a crawl during COVID (here’s looking at you USPTO) the TTB is processing permit applications very quickly, and if you ask nicely, they might process your permit application even quicker.

No promises, but asking nicely works, sometimes. Thanks for reading.

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