Welcome Attorney Collin Schaefer!

Collin Schaefer of the Law Firm of Collin Schaefer in Cedarburg, Wisconsin has joined Erin Ogden and Jeffrey Glazer at OgdenGlazer, LLC as a partner.  The new firm is now Ogden Glazer + Schaefer, or OG+S. Schaefer brings a strong practice in business, real estate, and technology.  He will keep his practice centered in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Ogden, Glazer + Schaefer is a four-person firm, consisting of three (3) attorneys and a Paralegal/Client Support Coordinator, located in Madison and Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  The firm’s transactional practice is focused on business and intellectual property.  The firm was started in 2016.  Erin Ogden, the firm’s managing attorney, has been a lawyer in Madison for over 14 years and has built her practice on intellectual property, commercializing technology, and mergers and acquisitions.  Jeffrey Glazer, a partner in the firm, is a leading expert in food and beverage law in the State of Wisconsin, in addition to a practice focused on implementation of advanced technologies.

Please join us in welcoming Collin!


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