Best Laid Plans

I had grand plans for today’s blog post. I should discuss the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. I should discuss the different loan and business programs available in Wisconsin. I should do a lot of things. But really, what I want to do is just figure out a way to get us all through the next few weeks or months. Yes, those things above will help. We’ll do some special posts to ensure you get those (I promise), but how about for now we just take a moment and realize that we are all in this together.

And in that spirit, let’s all take a deep breath together. Have you heard of “box breathing”? Take a breath in on the count of 5 (or 3 or 8, whatever you got in you). Hold for the same amount. Breathe out for the same amount, and hold again for the same. So 5 in, 5 hold, 5 out, 5 hold. Now do it again.

“They” say this technique can heighten performance and concentration while also being a powerful stress reliever. I think it helps me slow down and focus. I recommend it.

Did you know that FDR had cocktail hours throughout WW2? He called it “The Children’s Hour,” and talk of politics and business were forbidden. I like it. We need guidance. I get it. I’m a small business owner, too. But we also need a time to just BS.

I’ve started 30 minute “coffee breaks” on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. I am also more than willing to do “happy hours” every freakin’ night. Alcohol is NOT required. Rock that water or hot chocolate. I’m not judging. Here’s my plan, at 5:30pm each night, someone at our firm (likely me) will be on a video conference line talking about this:

  • Monday: Food. What is looking good in that pantry?
  • Tuesday: Entertainment. What’s keeping you entertained? TV, movies, play lists, what-have-you?
  • Wednesday: Small Business. Yes, business CAN be discussed here. What have you learned? What’s working?
  • Thursday: Feats of Thor’s Day. What are you rocking at? Marathon training? New use of that kitchen gadget you got for your wedding?
  • Friday: Free for all!

Look good? Let me know, and I’ll get you the information to join. We will get through this. Things will have changed. That’s OK. It has to be because we have no choice. It will change whether we want it to or not. It just is. It is how we deal with change that matters. Let’s do it together, shall we?

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