I’m juggling more tasks than a circus clown on a unicycle!

I’m a little busy.

Most of our clients know my name from receiving invoices, but with 20 years of banking experience, I do a lot of complementary financial activity behind the scenes as well. I document passthrough expenses, reconcile our financial activity internally to make it easier for our accountants, and ensure that the attorney’s time entries are proofread so they appear in an organized, consistent format for the clients on their invoices. I also handle the accounts receivable, and you may get extra attention from me if your invoices are not paid on time. I work half-time at OG+S, so it is extremely important that I use my time and tools wisely. 

In addition, I do our firm’s blog posting and social media – which is my other strength.  

I founded a social media company in 2018, and manage several clients with their event planning, graphics, social media, social engagement, and newsletters. I also work for a marketing agency – ghostwriting and curating/posting content for their clients. I also have a small fudge and caramel business.   

Whew. Some days, it all jives and flows together exceptionally well. Some days do not, and it is a strategic game in prioritizing and organizing (and reorganizing) my day on the fly. I have six emails that I use, each with their own calendar, so it is important that I stay organized and responsive. 

So how do I do that?  

  • I have an electronic calendar called Digi Cal that combines my calendars and dumps them into the law firm calendar, so everyone can see when I have availability for meetings.  
  • In addition, at the start of each week, I transfer my schedule to my paper organizer, broken down by hour with checkboxes once they are done. 
  • I access all my various emails through Outlook on my laptop but in apps on my phone.  
  • Asana is paramount to the internal project management for OG+S.
  • I have separate credit cards for each of my businesses keeps my expenses separate and easy to organize for my tax lady, who is amazing. I will gladly send her info if you are interested. She seamlessly ensures my LLC and my S-Corp are in compliance.  
  • I use Teams for most of my messaging and meetings, but also Zoom.
  • Naps are taken when necessary. All my jobs/projects are remote.  
  • I keep my day flexible but efficient. 
  • Being responsive to anyone needing my assistance but having clear boundaries.  
  • Stay on top of projects so that no one is waiting on me to do their jobs.  
  • Proactive communication about any potential obstacles or delays. 
  • I keep my office comfortable with plants, candles, cats sunning in the windows, and aromatherapy.  
  • Lastly, I ensure I always know what is expected of me.  

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but it is hopefully a good snapshot of how I like to ensure productivity with not just competing priorities at one job, but four.  

I thrive off being busy, but I would not be happy unless it was a GOOD busy, and using my time and the right tools ensures that everyone is happy with me as well! 

Thanks for reading, Laura