Introducing Katie Mahoney

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest attorney, Katie Mahoney! Katie is a recent graduate of the Law School of UW-Madison, and we are excited she chose to start her law career with OG+S. We are impressed with her passion for copyright and artists but even more so for her focus on communication. Her rescue dog, Snowy, did a fabulous job of staying quiet throughout the process of video interviews. The same cannot be said for other OG+S pets. So clearly good communication is a Mahoney family trait! Like the rest of us at the firm, she is an avid fan of being outdoors. Therefore, give her a wave if you see her out on the lakes or paths.

We are certain that you will find her warm, willing to listen, and excited to help. We are equally certain that she will find you, our clients and FOGS (Friends of OGS), to be amazing – both as people and as businesses. You’ll be seeing her “riding along” in our client video chats, but also like the rest of us, she’s happy to have video coffee chats with you. That way you can get to know what we know: She’s pretty awesome.

Welcome, Katie!

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