Lawsuit Incoming: “Babylon”

“Chromatica,” the latest album from Lady Gaga, was released on Friday. Have you already listened to it 10x on repeat? Does “Babylon” (Track 16) sound familiar to you? Are you friends with any Madonna fans? Then, you might know about the hubbub already. Before reading further, here are both tracks:

Whether this becomes another “Vanilla Ice” moment remains to be seen. The tracks are, in my opinion at least, not as close as “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby” were – but rest assured, close enough that Madonna’s lawsuit will probably move forward beyond its initial stages (if she chooses to file). This situation is also especially interesting for Lady Gaga considering the lawsuit\hubbub around her song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born” just a little over a year ago.

Food for thought: This case not withstanding, as producers and other collaborators become more involved in the writing, production, and recording process – will cases like these become more prevalent? Songland provides the layman a glimpse into the world of how music is actually created – and it looks like a copyright nightmare!

We’ve been writing a lot about serious topics lately (thanks to Lola for the reprieve last week) so I hope a minor indulgence into the world of pop culture was acceptable, and maybe appreciated. Stay safe and healthy out there.

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