The Amazing Workplace of OG+S: Episode II

As I said in the last blog post I enjoyed the interviews that I had with my co-workers, with them I was able to learn much about their lives and what they are all about. I also learned about what the world of law is like and how to navigate it.

As a sixteen-year-old interested in law and politics I did not know very much about how a law firm worked. Up until the moment I started the most I understood about the inner workings of a law firm came from the show Boston Legal. Once I started at OG+S I found out what it is really like to work at a law firm, and how every person who works in law has their own job, their own piece of the puzzle, that in the end make the law firm run.

Everyone at OG+S is here because they bring something to the firm that makes it a better place. This is a good thing for me because I had so many questions, and as I said in the last blog post, my co-workers are so helpful and informative when giving me an answer. I have learned the importance of time entries and the importance of ensuring our clients are getting the best things done for them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at OG+S for answering my questions and showing me how to properly work in law, they have opened my eyes to things that I would never learn from Boston Legal.

I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who is not a worker at OG+S that I have had meetings with since I started working at the firm. Every meeting I had was a success, the meetings were very informative and helpful in my view of the legal world, and the paths that I can take in it. One meeting that I found very informative was the one that I had with Steve Fretzin of Fretzin Inc., a business that helps lawyers grow in their profession. Steve told me a lot about areas of the legal world and some tips on how to survive in it. I now religiously listen to his podcast “Be That Lawyer” to learn more.

OG+S has given me so many opportunities and I am grateful for them. Working here is something that I enjoy because I have been able to learn about the work that I am doing, along with the entire world that comes with it. The reason that I can learn so much while also getting work done is because OG+S is an amazing workplace, that ensures that its employees are happy and growing, while also growing the firm. This is how to run a business, one where its success matches the success of its employees.