Mac Ain’t So Big Anymore (in Europe)

We file a lot of trademarks here at OG+S. At the most basic level, a trademark allows you the right to exclude someone else from using your name or logo – and also allows you to exclude someone from using a name or logo that is close (or kinda close) to your protected name or logo. … Read more

Remote Control

We are revisiting your civics courses in elementary and high school in the next few weeks in order to set up a discussion about copyright law.  It is a bit of a meandering walk to get to a point, but I think the views along the way are important and will help make the final … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We want to take this time to express our gratitude for you reading our blog and all of the kind words, ideas, and feedback. Sincerely, OgdenGlazer, LLC

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