Mind the Steps: MadTown’s Accessibility

Joseph Beckmann, our intrepid summer law clerk, had a question, “Why are some buildings ADA compliant and others not?” And so a research project and blog post came to be! Enjoy the fruits of his labor. When businesses look to move into a space or look to construct a new building , one of the … Read more

Mac Ain’t So Big Anymore (in Europe)

We file a lot of trademarks here at OG+S. At the most basic level, a trademark allows you the right to exclude someone else from using your name or logo – and also allows you to exclude someone from using a name or logo that is close (or kinda close) to your protected name or logo. … Read more

Remote Control

We are revisiting your civics courses in elementary and high school in the next few weeks in order to set up a discussion about copyright law.  It is a bit of a meandering walk to get to a point, but I think the views along the way are important and will help make the final … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

  We wish you love as steadfast and eternal as Lola’s love for cheese.   Don’t forget to sign up for our Strong Foundations IP Basics presentations here.