Shh, I Have A Secret

Ongoing disputes between Fitbit and Jawbone claimsthat Fitbit hired Jawbone employees, who in turn took Jawbone trade secrets and brought them to be used at Fitbit.  Last week, a U.S. International Trade Commission judge ruled that Fitbit did not steal any of Jawbone’s trade secrets.  Earlier, I wrote about protecting a trade secret, but what … Read more

Having a Capital Time

Capital letters are special things.  They mark the beginnings of sentences.  They show proper nouns are distinct from other nouns.  They help differentiate a title from a sentence and an acronym from a word.  All sorts of magic!  In contracts, they have an additional job:  They show that a term is defined somewhere within that … Read more

I Saw the Signs

Intellectual property rights all come with their very own symbols.  They are signs to others about what type of rights are being claimed.  I am sure you have seen them, but not everyone is sure which symbol belongs to which right.  So let’s go back to grade school, do a matching game.  Didn’t know there … Read more

Make It a Triple (or Not)

When signing a commercial lease, it is very important to know what is included as part of the rent payment and what additional payments may be due.  Often tenants go into a lease negotiation with a belief that as long as they are paying their base rent, everything is covered.  However, that may not be … Read more

Look Before You Leap

Intellectual property tends to be a land of first come-first serve.  Patents are only awarded to inventions that are new and non-obvious, which means your invention isn’t the logical next step based on what is already out in the world.  Trademark protection looks at what marks potential customers have come into contact with in connection … Read more

Not So Secret Agent Man

When setting up a company, whether it is an LLC, corporation, non-stock corporation, or any of the other options, we always need to include the identity of the company’s registered agent in the Articles of Incorporation and Annual Report and update that information if it ever changes.  Each company (again no matter what kind or … Read more

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